Flensted Mobiles Horse Mobile - WTLUK1MY

Flensted Mobiles Horse Mobile - WTLUK1MY

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  • The mobile shows beautiful silhouettes of horses, moving gracefully. A mobile for all horse lovers.

  • For adults or children, this high end mobile is handmade in Denmark. It is perfectly balanced so that all elements are in constant motion. A Flensted Mobile is made from a combination of love, dedication and quality, bringing a unique design into your home while helping you to unwind at the same time. The mobile creates inner peace with its graceful, therapeutic, and calm movements.

  • Each mobile is fully assembled, ready to hang, and requires no additional assembly. Not simply a nursery mobile, each Flensted Mobile is a piece of kinetic sculpture art that will liven any home, office, nursery, or classroom. Each is beautifully packaged, and makes an excellent gift for teachers, coworkers, or anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanand style.

  • Flensted Mobiles are a traditional handicraft in Denmark. The first modern designer mobile was made there in 1954. Today Flensted Mobiles is based on the Danish island of Funen, the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, where it creates its very own design fairy tales from the old village school in Brenderup. We are represented all over the world, and take pride in bringing you handmade Danish design for your home - and your heart.

  • Made of light, high quality plastic, and measures 18" X 16" when displayed. Please see the product description below for more details, and a Flensted Mobile FAQ, and click the "by Flensted Mobiles" link below this page's product title to view all of our different styles.

  • Three black beauties.Made from black flexible plastic. W40 x 45 cm

    Flensted Mobiles Horse Mobile - WTLUK1MY