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“AMBIT is the scope, extent or the bounds of something. In our native language it can be acknowledged as “परिधि” , “सीमा” or “मंडल”. A jaunty and pleasant workplace ensures that people are welcomed each day at work with positivity, liveliness and enthusiasm and take back the same positivity at the end of the day”. “An inspirational thought inspires the latent innovator and differentiator in them and brings their potential to broaden their horizon and perspective”. Ambit is one such admired work that transmits all these above said thoughts. "

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Volume 1
    - 2017 - Volumn 1 Issue 1

Editorial Board


- Ms. Urvashi Vashisht | Assistant Professor Chemistry | Email:

Editorial Board Members:

- Dr B.K. Khan | Professor M.E. | email:
- Dr. Shalini Goel | Professor C.S.E. | email:
- Ms. Preeti Chhikara | Assistant Professor Maths | email:
- Mr. Sunny Arora | Assistant Professor C.S.E. | email: